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Welcome to STC Austin

Welcome to the website for the Austin Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication (STC).

STC Austin has a goal to help our members increase their possibilities by educating organizations on the value of Technical Communicators. This website is meant to be a resource where members can find update information on education, employment and networking opportunities. This home page will have "Headlines" showing the latest events and information with links to more detailed pages. Each section listed in the menu to the left will contain additional information not found on the home page, so be sure to navigate through the menu. 

We will also list Chapter meetings (in Events). These meetings are an opportunity for individuals to meet, network, exchange ideas and help direct the chapter.  Please be sure to check the location and time of each meeting. Austin is a large city and we try and have locations alternate between north and south to cut down on traveling. We will also be streaming the meetings in case you can not attend in person, so look for those links as well.

Documentation is not just an expense, it is a valuable asset that organizations use to increase the experience of the people they serve. Technical Communicators are the key to successful documentation, and STC Austin wants to be the key to their success.

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What's Happening in October

Hello STC Austin! 

 The TechComm industry loves October and it is coming alive! 

 We are having our first chapter meeting for the 2016 - 2017 season. You can find out time and location under Events and Chapter meetings.

There are also three big conferences happening that you might want to attend.


  • ProComm 2016 - This conference focuses on today's entrepreneurs and how Technical Communicators can deliver messages in the unique spaces they create. Organized by our own Dr. Hilary Hart and held local here in Austin, this would be a fun one to attend.
  • One Day Workshop, Be the Captain of Your Career This is a one day workshop held in Denton, TX. This extensive workshop will help Technical Communicators find the right job for them. What is unique to this workshop is the mock interview and networking sessions that help you put in to practice what you just learned. Check the page for more. 
  • LavaCon 2016 - This annual conference is one of the best in the industry. Packed with educational sessions, always relevant to what is happening today and the best place to see where the future of TechComm is going. 
October looks to be the first in many great months ahead. 



STC Austin Needs Volunteers

Help rebuild and define the Austin Chapter of the STC. You can have a great impact as a volunteer. Your presence and influence will be felt and appreciated.

For more information, contact Christopher Ward at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


STC Austin Chapter Communications--Website, Blog, Linkedin

The main means for communicating STC Austin information are through the website, the blog, and the LinkedIn group.

The LinkedIn group, besides communicating about upcoming meetings and aftermaths ("What Happened ..."), is helpful for starting and joining tech comm discussions. **You must be a group member to participate and also receive email notifications.** Please join the group so you do not miss receiving information. Please join the LinkedIn group TODAY.)

Articles in the STC Austin website that announce upcoming events and aftermaths will be unpublished after a period of a few weeks. For archive information (from December 2014 and newer), visit the blog. Better yet, please subscribe to it to receive notifications of new posts.


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